Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: Whether you were wronged, or someone is accusing you of wronging them, you need someone to take your side and advocate for you. There are a number of pre-litigation avenues that may be available, from negotiation and arbitration to public relation strategies.

Sometimes, however, it’s time to go to court. When that time comes you need a trial attorney who isn’t afraid to wage a campaign to make sure that your story gets told.


Other Legal Services

Debt Collection / Bad Checks: If someone writes you a bad check, Colorado law contains many protections that you can avail yourself of. Many times you won’t even owe us anything, as the law provides for attorney fees to be charged against the writer of the bad check. Don’t take matters into your own hands; let the Davlin Law Firm solve your problems for you.

Restraining Orders: Sometimes you and your family need the protection that a restraining order can provide. Having an advocate at your side can make the process far less intimidating and can ensure that you get the help you need.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury / Car Accident / Motorcycle Accident: If you have been hurt, you need someone to take your side and tell your story.

Dealing with insurance companies is not for the faint of heart. The Davlin Law Firm can take care of your claim while you work on getting better.

Business Law & Contracts

Business Law: Today’s small business owners need access to affordable competent legal advice. Whether you need an strong confidentiality agreement for a potential business venture or a secure non-compete contract for new employees, the Davlin Law Firm can help.

Contracts: The Davlin Law Firm will work with you to accomplish your goals. Deals have been killed by lawyers more interested in making work for themselves than finding ways to bring people to a common ground where everyone can enjoy success. The Davlin Law Firm will strive to achieve your aims, while still protecting you from the pitfalls that face business owners.



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