Business Law & Civil Litigation

Whether you were wronged, or someone is accusing you of wronging them, you need someone to take your side and advocate for you.

There are a number of pre-litigation avenues that may be available, from negotiation and arbitration to public relation strategies.Sometimes, however, it’s time to go to court. When that time comes you need a trial attorney who isn’t afraid to wage a campaign to make sure that your story gets told.

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Located in Denver, Colorado, the Davlin Law Firm strives to help clients with customized plans for both businesses and individuals.

My goal is to listen carefully to my clients’ needs, present them with strategies for success, and then do everything I can to help them accomplish their objectives.

Personal Injury

If you have been hurt, you need someone to take your side and tell your story.

You need someone who can marshal the facts and make sure your side of the story gets heard. Dealing with insurance companies is not for the faint of heart, and sometimes you need to be ready to take it to the courts. The Davlin Law Firm can take care of your claim while you work on getting better.

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